How To ? Select Track And Record Your Voice

First of sll let me thank you for your contributions to my diploma thesis. Aim of that thesis is to perform the Query-by-Singing/Humming task on a database of extracted audio features.
On this page you should provide me with a few recordings from your voice singing 10seconds of a song represented in my database. 200 tracks of popular music have been stored. Hopefully you will remember most of them and be able to sing a small snippet..

Please go through the table in until you find a song, which you want to sing. You can sort the table by either artist, title or track number. Highlight on of the Tracks by clicking on it or moving the up and down arrows of your keyboard.

Make sure your microphone is attached to your computer.
Push the record button (red circle) and then you can start to sing. The applet will start to record and automatically stop after exactly 10 seconds. Please sing a snippet of the song you have selected.

You can listen to your recording by pressing the play button (green triangle). If you are satisfied with the recording then press the submit button. Otherwise record it again.

Please try to sing at least 10 songs. Thank you.